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BDSF Strategic Plan

Our vision
To be the best in protecting depositors and participate in the stability of the  banking & financial system

Our Values

  • Takaful

  • Transparency

  • Continuous improvement

  • Persistence

  • Teamwork

  • Credibility

Our mission:

Participation in stability and soundness of banking and  financial  system through:

  • Protecting depositors,

  • Managing and developing mutual ( Takaful) funds in accordance with Sharia principles,

  • Monitoring & evaluation of banking risk

  • Carrying out Liquidation procedure when necessary.

Strategic Goals:

  • Increasing  public awareness about the Fund and deposit   guarantee scheme.

  • Improving the capabilities and readiness of the fund in   protecting and reimbursing depositors.

  • Building a risk management system to follow up banking and financial soundness.

  • Empowering  the Fund's role as a liquidator.

  • Effective participation in international and regional deposit insurance associations and forums.

  • Excellence /total quality management
    The business excellence model developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is among the most powerful tools to improve the effectiveness , efficiency and quality of organizations to realize their mission and goals. The model is adopted by the Sudan as an official framework to improve the effectiveness of public organizations. Recently, it is adopted by the Union of Sudanese Bank as a general framework to enhance the performance of banks.
  • Benchmarking
    Benchmarking is a continuous process of measuring products, services and processes of organizations compared to the industry leaders or best practices. It is the process of continuously emulating the best. The main objective is to establish performance gaps between our performance and the in best in class deposit insurance schemes, then fill the gaps by developing goals and strategies.
  • Information Technology
    The banking system is among the most technology –driven industries. Almost all the operations of banks are managed via information technology and networks to increase their efficiency and competetiveness. As the fund is directly involved in monitoring and evaluation of banks , information technology is of crucial value. Different models do exist to assess the riskiness, efficiency and soundness of banks. These models provide the funds with an early warning indicators  that can be used to manage banking risks.